This instructor was amazing! She was readily available and always wanted me to succeed. When she noticed I was not meeting some of the criteria for assignments she provided feedback for me to reach out to her and set up face to face conversations to help me succeed. I have honestly never had an instructor go above and beyond like she has and I am very excited for her to be my instructor next semester!

NUR 862, Fall 2017

Supportive, positive, and role model for a future CNS. I am thrilled to have an actively working CNS in the program. A true advocate for the role

NUR 807, Summer 2017

Thanks for being so nice and understanding over the summer with everything that is going in this program and life… it’s also really nice to talk and vent during your clinical seminars, they really do help a lot.

NUR 460, Summer 2017

Dr. Iseler was very easy to talk to as well as made sure that she was available to discuss any concerns or comments that a student wanted to make. She was very helpful while navigating this clinical.

NUR 460, Summer 2017

Jackie was very helpful with feedback and always answered questions promptly!

NUR 864, Spring 2017

Graduate CNS poster accepted at the 8th Annual Sparrow Nursing Research Symposium, and the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialist, 2017-2018

Graduate CNS quality improvement project manuscript aimed for the Journal of Emergency Nursing, 2017