​Serving as the first and only CNS at McLaren Greater Lansing  to improve patient outcomes through leadership, clinical expertise, and systems innovation. A partnership with Michigan State University College of Nursing to improve community outcomes by having practicing advance practice nurses and educating future nurses.

Consulting and education services provided to Mary Free Bed to prepare for caring for patients with an LVAD. Providing patients and families with options for a safe transition.

Training and education of LVAD care provided to the Metron of Belding.

Photo credit: The Daily News – News from Greenville, Belding and Montcalm County, MI https://thedailynews.cc/articles/metron-facility-operates-as-largest-employer-in-belding-area/

Jackie is extremely knowledgeable about LVAD’s and the key information that needs to be taught to any health care provider who will be working with VAD patients. 

She takes what many see as an extremely critical, complicated and fragile situation and confidently turns it into a doable, practical process that any educated health care professional can safely perform.  She did a great job of taking the “fear” out of the situation.

Jackie presents her information in a clear concise manner, and provides the opportunity for her audience to participate in hands-on activities to reduce the anxiety associated with VAD management.  Her educational sessions were well received by the MFB staff and educators.  We received many positive evaluations regarding this presentation.

I want to extend a sincere thank you to Jackie and guest speakers for the expectional education experience she provided for us.    

Director of Cardiopulmonary Education, Mary Free Bed

Thank you very much for the awesome training provided to me at Mary Free Bed with LVADs.  I really enjoyed being able to have the hands on experience with the batteries in a non-threatening environment.  Your presentation provided me with great knowledge and confidence that I can effectively care for these patients.  Thanks again.

Clinical Documentation Analyst, Mary Free Bed